It’s official: Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady is 9’6″

Capcom has made it official: Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady is very tall indeed: 2.9m (approximately 9’6″) tall!

The recent release of the Maiden demo revealed snippets of Lady Dimitrescu’s backstory. Our Aoife also looked into what Resident Evil Village is all about in a fantastic video, below.

Fans had noticed pretty early on that Lady Dimitrescu is very tall, but her exact height was a mystery until now.

In a tweet thanking fans for their… enthusiastic reaction to internet sensation Lady Dimitrescu, Village’s art director Tomonori Takano said all the attention was “far more than we anticipated”.

Here’s the bombshell straight from the horse’s mouth: if you include her hat and high heels, Lady Dimitrescu is 2.9m or 9’6″ tall. No wonder she has to stoop to walk through doors!

Here’s the final word from Takano: “These bewitching, vampiric characters are relentless in their pursuit of Ethan, and I can’t wait for you to meet them yourselves when you enter Castle Dimitrescu in May.”

I pity the cosplayers, personally. Best get practising with those stilts!

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